Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where HE Leads Mee.............

The Voice of GOD is so unique because it's unlike any voice we've ever heard, yet, for those of us that are in relationship with our HEAVENLY FATHER, we recognize it.  If we question whether or not we are hearing his voice, it's usually because we are out of sync, or out of his will so the enemy makes us doubt our FATHERS voice to the point of disobedience.

Being Faithful and Loyal is always on my mind.  If I leave, what's going to happen to all I got going on here.  And TRUST mee, I got a lot going on.  But GOD doesn't make mistakes, and if I come back and everything I had before I left is lost, then I was just holding it for a time.  Proverbs says that The Blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow to it.  Since that is the case because I do believe GOD's word is true, then I must go where he leads Mee.  Especially since right now, at this moment, the Book of Proverbs and my life are not lining up- I am experiencing Sorrow on a lot of "Fronts"

The "Unknown" is scary but I embrace the challenge.  I must TRUST GOD.  Where He Leads Mee, I Will Follow, I'll Go With HIM, ALL THE WAY..........................

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