Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow

This statement rings so true to Mee.  FREE YOUR MIND AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW.  The first attack of the "enemy" is in the mind.  We get so caught up on our emotions that we find ourselves doing things we would have never done before.  It's sad that a relationship or friendship can end and because 1 of the people involved can't deal with the rejection or realization that that particular situation is dead, they turn around and kill the rejector, or themselves, or even attempt to do so.  Speaking from a personal standpoint, I find it impossible to let go of LOVE.  Even in LOVING from a distance, I find myself still connected.  The more I pray however, I am back at this trend of thought- FREE YOUR MIND- change focus-do that which excites your insides and go for it.  Eventually everything will fall into place.  Especially if you can't change the immediate situation- just resolve to move forward.............eventually, things will get better, just believe it will and it will................

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  1. Soooo Glad you're blogging, I love your convo. Now I need to get a glass of wine and my lounge chair cause this is gonna be good.......

    I feel a lot of times we stay in the shallow end of our pool of thought which does allow the impossible to be possible.