Friday, October 29, 2010

Love Is What Love Does............

My Pastor often says "Love Is What Love Does".....and, while it seems pretty simple, it made Mee wonder about Love and "What It Do".  People may say that there are different kinds of Love- like the Love you have for a friend, wouldn't be the same kind of Love you would have for your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother- and It wouldn't be the same kind of Love that you would have for your significant other.  To mee, all of that is emotion- the automatic feelings you have for your family- since you've known them, you've Loved them.  For your friends or significant other it was - once you got to know them you Loved them.  And for everybody included in the pronouns I just mentioned, you say "I Love You" and some point or another.

The Bible has another take on Love.  In Corinthians Chapter 13 (this is often referred to as the LOVE Chapter) It says Love suffereth Long and is Kind, Love envies not, Is Not Puffed Up, Does Not behave itself unseemingly, seeketh not it's own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in truth- Love bears all things, believes all things, hopeth all things and endureth all things- LOVE NEVER FAILS, and it ends with saying that Faith Hope and Love abides but the greatest of these is LOVE.  That's an amended version but please read it in it's entirety.  This was my grandfathers favorite scripture because it tells you from the beginning- you can do signs and wonders, be GREAT, but if you don't have LOVE, you are nothing.  It says you can give to the poor, feed the hungry, even give your body as a sacrifice, but without LOVE it profits you nothing.

I am careful with this word.  I find people often misuse it- says it too much, abuse it, uses it as a salutation- and even though I have been guilty of it's misuse, I think about this enough that  I am definitely working on Mee.  But the reason I am writing this is to ask you who are reading this- Do you LOVE? do you really LOVE? Do you give Love? Do YOU show Love? In your actions, in your thoughts, in your speech, in your silence, are you LOVING?

What's the difference between LOVE and IN LOVE? and in being IN LOVE do you remain IN LOVE or just fade to LOVE ONLY?   I'm just asking- I am certainly no authority on the subject as I have quite a few failed relationships and friendships.  However many that didn't work - I now find that it is quite possible to ALWAYS LOVE and ALWAYS BE IN LOVE- especially if GOD is the head of your life.  The Greatest LOVE STORY ever told is John 3:16 says that GOD SO LOVED the WORLD he gave his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
All in one verse we have the Greatest Being- GOD- the Greatest Feeling- SO LOVED - the Greatest  Object-The World- the Greatest Sacrifice- He Gave His ONLY SON - The Greatest Promise- That Whosoever believeth in him should not perish- then the Greatest Gift- but have Everlasting Life.   Now this, is LOVE, undeniable, and true- LOVE.

I know we as humans cannot Love on this level or anything even close to it.  But I also know that we are fully capable of achieving some Good LOVE if we are honest with ourselves and then honest with the person we are loving.

I began writing this with a different emotion.  As I revisit for editing I realize my mind and my heart is in a different place.  I still feel the same way- but I have a different perspective.  Love is What Love Does. If there is a red flag- it's not a flag of Love it's a flag of caution.  Let's be honest folks!!! If they verbally abuse you, beat you, merely tolerate you, they don't LOVE you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

GOD is in CONTROL..............

Something just came over Mee and I will express it here because this is the forum for it.  In life, you get situations and circumstances and how you deal with it determines your level of faith.  Job who was the richest man besides Solomon, had the equivalent to 7 Billion Dollars (this includes his houses, land, cattle, oxen, and everything else), he lost it all in 7 hours.  I am truly amazed by this because everyday- we being human and of this time lose jobs, houses, gigs, boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends etc- and we give up.  We feel sorry, have pity parties, go into seclusion and so forth.  Then we do the one thing we shouldn't do, we question GOD.  And GOD says"Why Not You?" if you read the good book, The Bible, GOD turned Job over to the devil and said "He's in your hand just don't kill him".  Yes, GOD used Job to accomplish his will and purpose, but he also was testing Job who did not know that he was apart of the Chess Game.  "Have you considered my servant Job?".  The devil was like "sure, he serves you look at all he has, but I bet if you did this, or that, he'd curse you and die".  God said (in my words) Go ahead and do it, just don't kill him, he'll make Me proud.  First he took all his substance, then he attacked his body- smote him with boils from the sole of his feet to his head, then he attacked his mind.  In all of this however- Job did not curse GOD- even when his wife said "Curse GOD and die" he told her she was foolish, and held strong to his integrity.This morning I was awakened by my own discomfort.  I was not feeling happy, or loved.  I feel at a loss for certain things. I am petitioning GOD for other things that haven't come through yet.  My finances are at an all time low, and I began feeling like "maybe I need to do something else","maybe I need to change careers", "maybe GOD has forgotten Mee".  Then I remembered the lesson- "What will you do with what's Left?"  I had so much before and I lost it.  I can blame the enemy all day but the truth is GOD allowed this to happen to Mee to teach Mee a valuable lesson.  One that  I must adhere to and really learn from so that this time, rather than get a C, I can come out with an A. 
So I'm going to wait on GOD.  I'm going to hold on to my faith and believe what he promised Mee- and I am going to continue to pursue that which GOD has given Mee to pursue.  I thank GOD that my pity party lasted all but 5 minutes.  Now it's time to get up and hit the pavement knowing GOD is in control and he is going to work this out concerning Mee. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Journey toward Progress.......................

When people rant about something, it´s usually due to a happenstance that really rubbed them the wrong way, or to put it plainly "pissed them off".  In life I have learned that the occassional "rant" might sometimes be proven to be a great release of tension, however, depending on the size of the "rant", who gets it and how they get it, that "rant" may be detrimental to the health of each person.  Because sometimes, a "rant" can explode to out right rage. 

As I sit here today feeling the need to "rant" about a particular situation, I have to wonder if in the end, it will prove profitable to Mee.  The truth is my "rant" is already a simmering tea kettle, and at any moment, if I dwell on the very thought of it, my whistle will no doubt blow.

Taking the time to consider the end results makes Mee question why I even bother to have these feelings at all.  I do realize that I may be the only one affected and ultimately, at the end of the day, no matter how hard the pill is to swallow, a drink of water and maybe even a piece of bread will help it go down.

Life sometimes hands us big pills to swallow and we have to take it.  We can crush it, let it dissolve in the water and drink it, or we can take it and wash it down with water and a piece of bread if it´s really big- either way, it is what it is.  It will go down and your choice is either to learn a lesson, or "rant". (This is inclusive of jumping up and down, cursing someone out,  pounding your fists into somebodys face and the like).

Once you choose to learn a lesson though, that is the time to grow. Really pay attention to the bigger picture,  I know for certain I will never do THAT again.  And I won´t forget how to avoid making the same mistake.  I found a way out of my "rant".  Thank GOD!!!!
That to Mee is AMAZING................I am progressing!!!!............................