Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do They Ever Really Fade Away?

Today is the 9th Anniversary of Aaliyah's tragic death.  I was on tour when I heard the news- all of our 2-way pagers started going off with the message.  I remember we all didn't think it was real, but then the news confirmed it. 

I remember Aaliyah, she was talented, funny, bright, and a lot of fun.  She was fully committed to her career but she never acted like she was above anyone.  She was really down to earth.  I cried that day as if I had lost my friend. 

That makes mee think about the other people I've lost as well.  After reading Missy Elliotts thoughts I realized that I too am still mourning my loved ones.  My Boyfriend (1990), My Grandfather(1992), My Uncle (1996), My Grandmother(1999), and My Uncle(2008), My Brother(2009)- I still cry sometimes as if the loss happened yesterday. 

Day to day it gets easier to not cry but then there are those days when I am just flooded with memories and emotion and I just let the tears flow.  I don't think the pain ever truly fades, and I believe the people live on through the memories.  Every time I have a memory moment, they come alive in my mind.  I can close my eyes and see them and it is as if I am there in that moment I remember.

They never really fade, they just go somewhere else....................................

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