Monday, June 13, 2011

Repeat Offender

I am not a person who says "Sorry" a lot.  I am told that this is mean and selfish to say the least.  The reason I don't say sorry a lot is because I don't say sorry if I don't mean it.  If I offend you and I didn't mean to offend you then yes, I am sorry for it and I will apologize.  However, if I feel a certain way about something and point it out to you and you disagree with how I feel and you in turn get p'd off about it, I'm not sorry for that.  Nor am I sorry for voicing my opinion about something I feel you've done that was so despicable even if it causes an argument, I am not sorry.  I am not sorry for returning the favor if you decide to curse Mee out, and I am not sorry if my reaction to your actions toward Mee, hurt you worse than your actions toward Mee- Oh Well- ............
I've been listening to Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror-"I'm gonna make a change, for once in my life..." I feel that, I do want to make a change.
Let Mee just say this:I am sorry if you disagree with how I feel, I have a right to feel this way all I want-but I will never continue to say sorry for the very same thing over and over again.  If I keep doing that which I am ultimately sorry for, that means I am not really sorry, I meant to do it, and I am a Repeat Offender.

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