Monday, April 4, 2011


With the advancement of technology comes a new language-now everything is abbreviated so that you can fit more words into a 160 character page.  I find this interesting because all of a sudden we don't have time to spell whole words anymore, and more than that, we don't have time for the basics.
There is a book out now that gives you the meaning of all the abbreviations that has formed as a result of texting to fit everything you have to say on one page.  I still don't know them all- I am very basic with it-I know now that LOL means Laugh Out Loud instead of Love of Life, and ROTFLMA/BO means Rolling On The Floor Laughing My @$$/Butt Off -WTH, or WTF means What The.........; But still I find it necessary to spell whole words and send pages and pages of texts sometimes so that I can clearly get my point across- Clear Talk Means Clear Understanding-CTMCU.  Sometimes I just want to read and not have to interpret as I read.  It becomes frustrating to say the least.
There is absolutely nothing I can do about this!!! It seems my argument is moot- Technology is still moving forward and I had better catch up! We got iPhones, Android Phones, and Smart Phones-are they one in the same? and I know they are all different but, it's all a bit much.
Everytime I go to a store to see the latest I say WTH? R U Serious?this can't be Ri8, this phone does That too- you can even deposit your check through your phone- my question to the bank: Is this safe? What's the downside of this? I can't see taking a picture of my check for deposit- what if I lose the phone?  Is my information safe? what if when the bank receives the picture, it's blurry- or a number is cut off- it just aint Ri8.  Even Ri8 is wrong because if you pronounce it Right, you get Ri-8.
Im just going on, nothing I can do about it- in a minute we will all be SOH, BCUZ, the End Is Near........

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