Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Little Red Devil.................

One of the greatest lessons in life is that "Life and Death is in the power of the tongue".  Sometimes mere words can really do damage to a persons spirit on the inside.  On the outside they may appear unscathed at the degrading comment, they may even laugh at it.  But almost always, if the person has any feelings at all toward the person saying the damaging words, those very words hurt to the core.  Even "Sorry" sometimes just isn't enough- as- the words before sunk in a lot deeper than the surface "I'm sorry".
Words might even make a person harm themselves if they felt that the hurtful words coming from the person they care about had any truth.  Even if the words didn't have any truth- the fact that they come out of the mouth of the person they care about or love, the pain can be severe or even detrimental.
I have had this very thing happen to Mee.  Harmful words spit out of the mouth of someone I cared about and loved.  The words hurt Mee to my very core.  The words, said more than once hurt so bad, and because I had heard them more than once- I began to believe that those words were true.  
The struggle of everyday life is enough without having to defend who I am as a person.  Life is way too short even to waste time "giving as good as I get".  I mean it too- I can go head to head with the best of them- you call Mee a "Skank", I call you a "Slut", You say "I hate you", I say "I hate you too", You say "I'm leaving You", I say "I'm Gone Already".  It's a never ending cycle!!! But someone has got to be the bigger person- someone has got to take the high road, Someone has got to take a step forward as opposed to revisiting an issue that is obviously dead, or arguing about something that you know will never change.
The Bible says "We are snared by the words out of our mouths"- The tongue is the detriment of all human existence!!!!
So yes, my great lesson is still- "Life and Death is in the power of the tongue". "Sticks and stones break bones, and Words Kill".  More importantly though, "I am who and what GOD says I am so what ever you say, has no power over Mee".  
What ever we give power to will have power over us- so I command all that filthy tongue, the Little Red Devil to be subjected to the Power of God and  Holy Spirit within Mee; so say whatever you're going to say- it won't kill Mee, just make Mee better..................

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