Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Higher Degree of Understanding......................

One day I asked my father, "Daddy, what's the meaning of LOVE?" My father replied in his typical philosophical way; "Well Baby, (he began), God is Love, God is the highest level of anything, the creator of all things,for without God, we cannot understand the concept of Love- therefore, Love is a higher degree of Understanding- rather OVER-standing because God is never under anything."
I took this explanation and I began to look at my various relationships with people and ask myself- do I really and truly have it? Do I Love? Do I Love with God over all I do, see, and comprehend?
In dealing with people in everyday situations and circumstances, I find that when people don't take the time out to understand mee if we are in "relationship" with each other, I tend to feel that if the particular person doesn't understand mee- they don't understand my point of view, they don't understand where I am coming from- the reason is because there is a certain lack of love for mee. If they love mee, then they will at least take the time out to understand Mee.  At the same time, I too, if I love them, must take the time out to understand them. 
In life we will not always agree- we will not always be on the same page.  Opinions vary from person to person and change with each situation based on a particular circumstance.  It always seems like that when you are faced with opposing points of view that both parties at least agree on one thing- "it's either MY way, or the highway" - which to Mee is wrong.
I just believe my father- Love is indeed a higher degree of understanding yes!  In order to understand someone who opposes you, you have to view them with a certain amount of Love to even listen to the opposition. We have to use God-OVER our own understanding.   However, I believe that the act of Love in attempting to understand that which we find difficulty in understanding is a concept I believe we all should grasp..............COMPROMISE

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