Thursday, November 11, 2010

Letting Go..................

When you lose something- if it had sentimental value attached to it then it might upset you to lose it.  You may look for it extensively- inquiry around to see if anyone has seen it- you may even go as far as posting your lost item on a poster all over your city in hopes that someone would find your lost item and return it to you.  When you lose a person friend or family- if the loss is in the case of death- then you are sad- you cry- you wish the person didn't have to die- you may even take a certain amount of time to step away from your normal activity to grieve.  If the loss is because you or the person walked out of your life then the same may occur along with anger and anything associated with anger- or you just might be happy that person is gone.  Whatever it is- Ultimately you have to Let GO

For whatever reason, people get attached to people or things and then find it hard to separate themselves from that thing or person.  What happens is a certain dependency develops and in the process of holding on to this thing or person, you lose yourself.  Your identity has now become associated with this thing or person.  Your actions and attitudes are affected by this thing or person and you are now invisible. 

For some, Letting go is easy.  They can recognize it aint good and cut it off at the knees and keep it moving.  Then for others, Letting go is the hardest thing.  They hold on to people and things way too long.  The dresser is dead- it don't have no handles on it- get rid of it- those shoes haven't been worn in 3 years- get rid of them- that coat is too tight- get rid of it-  People do relationships the same way- they stay in them too long- if it don't work anymore- end it- if you argue all the time-end it- if it gets physical- it's over-

I have been guilty of this on both ends- I have way too much stuff and I hold on to relationships way too long.  Today I am taking a stand and moving forward.  I am cleaning out my closet, my storage, my frendlists, as well as my heart and my mind-

I am Letting Go.......................

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