Friday, November 26, 2010

I AM RESTORED............

When you say goodbye to a relationship it hurts.  It is in that moment that you face the reality that life as you have known it for however long will change- that is, if you valued the relationship.  Some relationships end and you may say "Good Riddance" "Get Ta Steppin"- "Be Gone", "Please don't come back".  And then there are some that you just feel like your whole world is shattered, "How could they do that to you", "Maybe you can try again", "I Will never feel this way again". 

I have been on both sides of this coin and either way, the bottom line is that, your relationship is over and on a certain level there is a sense of melancholy, slight indifference, a glimmer of sadness.  The upside is something I remember my Bishop saying,  "Your destiny is not tied to anyone who has left you."  This is a true statement.  We all have our paths to follow and sometimes where there are 2 people on the same path, they separate due to difference of opinion on which way to go.  It's just life, the title of this blogpage; "It Is What It Is".

Today I am encouraged.  I took a long look in the mirror this morning and I just fell in love all over again with Mee.  I reflect on that which I know I can change, and I am letting go of that which I have no control .  I must say I feel real good.  Where there was a block, I feel a flow;  and despite my apparent loss, I have gained something so much greater.  A Renewed mind, and Encouraged Heart, and Greater Faith.

I AM RESTORED.........................

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  1. Very deep and sincere, my dear sister...Continue to restore and encourage your faith daily..While there may be some wonderful memories behind you, you can create greater memories ahead of you...Keep moving forward and remember that fear keeps you looking back, but faith keeps you looking and moving forward!!!! I Love You B.O.M.O.M.