Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Journey toward Progress.......................

When people rant about something, it´s usually due to a happenstance that really rubbed them the wrong way, or to put it plainly "pissed them off".  In life I have learned that the occassional "rant" might sometimes be proven to be a great release of tension, however, depending on the size of the "rant", who gets it and how they get it, that "rant" may be detrimental to the health of each person.  Because sometimes, a "rant" can explode to out right rage. 

As I sit here today feeling the need to "rant" about a particular situation, I have to wonder if in the end, it will prove profitable to Mee.  The truth is my "rant" is already a simmering tea kettle, and at any moment, if I dwell on the very thought of it, my whistle will no doubt blow.

Taking the time to consider the end results makes Mee question why I even bother to have these feelings at all.  I do realize that I may be the only one affected and ultimately, at the end of the day, no matter how hard the pill is to swallow, a drink of water and maybe even a piece of bread will help it go down.

Life sometimes hands us big pills to swallow and we have to take it.  We can crush it, let it dissolve in the water and drink it, or we can take it and wash it down with water and a piece of bread if it´s really big- either way, it is what it is.  It will go down and your choice is either to learn a lesson, or "rant". (This is inclusive of jumping up and down, cursing someone out,  pounding your fists into somebodys face and the like).

Once you choose to learn a lesson though, that is the time to grow. Really pay attention to the bigger picture,  I know for certain I will never do THAT again.  And I won´t forget how to avoid making the same mistake.  I found a way out of my "rant".  Thank GOD!!!!
That to Mee is AMAZING................I am progressing!!!!............................

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