Thursday, September 23, 2010


Eventually I knew that a sore subject would come up and I'd write about it and many will agree, disagree, agree to disagree or will just not say anything at all; but, as I watched the report about Bishop Eddie Long, I knew my hour had arrived.

The Catholic Church concealed this practice for centuries.  Now with the mind of rememberance as men now begin to come forth to express how they were abused, scandals are dismantling parishes all around the world.  And now the Black church membership has awakened and decided to participate.

As a minister, I find it upsetting that Men and Women of GOD abuse certain people through sexual practices, and or games.  I find it insulting to GOD to wear a collar and proclaim to Thousands, even Millions how the Power of God will transform your lives but they themselves live as those whom they proclaim are lost.

In my search for the truth, I read many books and always use the Bible as my guide toward what is the higher truth.  I look at the many people God used to deliver his words and instructions for life.  It seems as though God's words and instructions for life were always given by these less than stellar perfect men.  All of them had something which caused them to be successful at one point, then fall at the next. Abraham lied a few times to get to where he needed to be.  Jacob the trickster, Moses the Stuttering Murderer, David  the Murdering Womanizer, Solomon the Wise Womanizer, Jonah the Rebel, and Jeremiah the Weeper.  Then you got Jesus' boys, Peter the denying fighter, and Paul the killer of Chirstians who converted but found it very difficult to stop doing certain things.  These Men had some serious issues!!! Yet we read them faithfully, tell our children about them, preach in church their stories and how to apply the lessons from their lives to ours and in our minds, they are saints- higher than we, some of us even want to be like them.  I mean really, who doesn't want to be visited by GOD? Who doesn't want  to be considered GOD's friend? Who doesn't want Wealth and Prosperity?  In in the same token, there is a price to pay.  We see their seeds but not their struggles, or we just choose to ignore them.

Are the young men that came forward disgruntled former employees? Are they victims of circumstances? if they were still receiving the pleasures, would they have sang their songs of scandal? Is the higher demographic so threatened by our Black Leaders that once they reach a certain level and they decide it's too much, then it s time to remove them from what they've established?  Has our Black Leaders become so natural minded that they can't see whats really going on because they are blinded by the Pomp and Circumstance? These are questions of which I need answers but I know I will never get them.  Some are reading this now wondering what I am even talking about it, or why I even choose to discuss it.

As long as there have been sin, there has been perversion.  It's disgusting!!!!! Woe unto you who do not repent!!!! Be GODLY SORRY, don't be a REPEAT OFFENDER, TURN AWAY FROM SIN.  As Easy as it is to put out there, mans nature is to sin.  We were born and shaped in iniquity, GOD HELP US!!!!!

I've heard stories about preachers that would make you gag!!! Sad, but true.  But ALL HAVE SINNED and FELL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD.    Have I listened to them preach after I heard it? sure.  Did I receive a Word from the Lord as they preached it? sure.  In that instance GOD's Will was accomplished!!!!  What am I saying?   I am saying that we as humans need to change our focus.  Focus not on man but GOD in THE MAN.  If you can recognize GOD in a man then his message becomes clear. Not man's message, GOD's Message.   The men and women who are leaders in the church need to do the same, focus on GOD. What is God's Will?  Is it GOd's will for me to have a Private Jet, or a Bentley? Are these the desires of my heart or the desires of what I think I should emulate because when I don't have on my collar I resemble a rapper, not my Father in Heaven.   What does GOD have for Me to give to his people, whom can I serve today?  How can I make a difference and be different?

I feel bad for the people of GOD who are confused by all the information out there today. I feel bad for those who search out information to expose people - be them pastors, presidents, congressmen, rappers, senators, or the average man- pull back your own covers and reveal your truth.   Why? because the mind is focused on the wrong things.  Pray for our leaders, pray for the Body of Chirst. Pray for yourselves, and clean your own closets.  For the hour has come when the Father is seeking those who will worship him in Spirit and in Truth, that's it

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