Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ok, so I was hearing all the reports about the airline industry and all the different changes that´s going on, but clearly wasn´t affected because I wasn´t traveling at the time.  Then I came to IBIZA!!!! First of all I thought it was only IBERIA AIRLINES, who by the way, is the absolute worse!!! I was reading and the flight attendant actually came and shut off my light, without asking first.  Not to mention that the food was horrible!!!  They only allow you to check in 1 bag per person, no matter where you´re going.  So here I am leaving the country for a month and I just don´t know what woman travels with 1 bag for a month.  There is the exception of DESTINY´S CHILD who in 2002 told Mee and Jessica that they carry with them 1 bag each everywhere they go- but I might want to point out to you that, they were meeting stylists everywhere they went so the need to lug around anything wasn´t theirs.  But here I am, going to IBIZA for a month and not only do IBERIA expect mee to carry 1 bag, but so does every other airline that flies the skies to and fro.  I have a serious problem with this because I believe that the racket is beating up on the average citizen.  Bad enough we pay taxes before we see our money, now we have to pay to take what we need where we´re going.  And when you´re leaving New York- the TSA will scan your stuff and let you through provided there´s no drugs or guns or bombs- but getting to another country and they take my hair gel and toothpaste!!!!!!!????? I´m having issue with this!!!! What do the people do with the stuff they take from people- especially the brand new stuff like my gel that was never opened!?
I said I thought it was only IBERIA because I had such a problem!!! My first flight left an hour and a half late, and I missed my connection, then the connecting flight they put mee on was delayed 5 hours!!!!  I wish I could just take a train or boat back home!!!!
I believe the airline industry needs to get a grip! if I´m paying 1000 dollars to go somewhere, why are they still charging 60 for a bag- and further more- shouldn´t the amount of luggage you take be determined by the length of your trip? I told IBERIA, "Chile, I´m a DIVA, WHAT DIVA YOU KNOW HAS 1 BAG TO GO OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR A MONTH!!!!"
But then I remembered Destiny´s Child.......................................Can You Pay My Bills!!!!.....................

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